Formal Research

Hebrew Union College: Jerusalem, Israel and Los Angeles, CA

  • MA in Jewish Education

  • Certificate in Nonprofit Management


University of Maryland: College Park, MD

  • BA in Jewish Studies

  • Notation in Creative Writing


Tel Aviv University: Tel Aviv, Israel

  • 2008 Undergraduate Research Fellowship

2013-2014: Jewish Art Education

  • Curriculum Guide: "How to Hiddur Your Mitzvah: Pursuing Holiness Through Beauty" - available through the HUC Tartak Center


2008: Performing Arts in Israel

  • Undergraduate Thesis: "Censorship of the Performing Arts in Israel: 1927-Present" - available upon request

While Rae's formal written research focused on the arts, her training extends to a variety of specialties within the field of Jewish education.

  • Hebrew decoding (reading)

  • Liturgy: recitation and meaning-making

  • Jewish history 

  • Torah chanting (trope/cantillation/leining)

  • Jewish texts

  • Hebrew language - modern, liturgical, and biblical

  • Educational technology integration

  • Project-Based Learning

Educational Specialties
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About Rae


Rae Antonoff is a Jewish educational consultant, artist, writer, and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. Her mission is to bring high-quality learning materials to any Jew, of any age or affiliation, who is willing to learn. She has a particular fondness for materials that lend themselves well to self-paced learning in an effort to fill the needs of Jews who live far from a comfortable synagogue community and wish to engage in Jewish learning on their own, and for the typical religious school classroom that is struggling with shrinking allotted classroom time and sporadic attendance. Her portfolio of resources is constantly evolving -- check back soon for more!