Behrman House: Click & Read Review Widget


Need to learn or review your letters and vowels? Click through the Behrman House publishers' widget to read the words, then click on them to hear it read and see if you were right! The lesson numbers follow their textbook series, but the widget can be helpful without the book as well.


Requires Flash (can't run on iPad, iTouch, or iPhone).


If Rae is your Hebrew tutor and you're learning the letters, this is the site you should use for your practice at home!


Creator: Behrman House Publishers

Memory Match Games

Click the cards and match the two that sound the same!


Letter Sounds:

Letters 01 - by Ella Rohr

Letters 02 - by Ella Rohr

Letters 03 - by Ella Rohr


Sound-Alike Words:

Hebrew Sound-Alike Syllables - by Rae

Jeopardy Games


Hebrew Reading:

Hebrew Reading Jeopardy 1 - by Rae

Hebrew Reading Jeopardy 2 - by Rae


Hebrew Vocabulary:


Jewish Trivia:



Jewish Holidays Jeopardy - by ??

Passover Jewpardy - by ??

Hanukkah Jeopardy - by Marcie

Games & Review Widgets


Links to various Hebrew games and review widgets that you can use for free online!