Prayer Karaoke Videos


Full Stephen S. Wise (SSW) Beit Midrash Playlist on YouTube:


(Want a playlist for your school? Contact Rae about setting up a list with videos customized to the texts and tunes your school uses! There are options for password-protected video lists as well as publicly-accessible video lists.)

Coming Soon:

  • Eitz Chayim Hi

  • Torah Blessings

  • Haftarah Blessings

  • Shabbat Blessings

  • ...and more!

Bar'chu, Yotzer Or, Sh'ma, V'ahavta, Mi Chamocha

Modeh/Modah Ani,
Mah Tovu

Avot v'Imahot, G'vurot, Mi Shebeirach
Coming soon: Kedusha

Coming Soon: Mourner's Kaddish, Oseh Shalom

Torah Service

Coming Soon: Etz Chayim Hi, Hakafah (Procession) Blessings, Torah Blessings, Haftarah Blessings,