Learn how to chant the V'ahavta through a series of Trope lessons that will show you how to recognize the patterns of symbols and chant any words that come from the Torah -- including the V'ahavta!



IMPORTANT: Start here before going to any of the lessons!

Lesson 1: Etnachta
Lesson 2: Sof Pasuk
Lesson 3: Katon
Lesson 4: R'vi'i
Lesson 5: Gershayim
Lesson 6: T'vir
Lesson 7: Chant the V'ahavta!



Lesson 8: Geresh / Kadma v'Azla
Lesson 9: Segol
Lesson 10: T'lisha
Lesson 11: Zakef Gadol
Lesson 12: Y'tiv & Katon Variations
Lesson 13: Pazer
Lesson 14: Rare Trope